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May 2017

Radyvylivmoloko brief market review.
Trends in the dairy market in Ukraine.

General Information

In May, the price of raw milk was expected to decrease. This did not happen, so prices for dairy products in Ukraine remain high. This means for Ukrainian producers that demand for local consumption will not increase. Ukrainian producers continue to make products for export.


Raw milk trends

Prices for raw milk in May are kept at a stable level. The price of farm milk in the range from $0.24 per liter to $0.26. The price of milk from the population is $0.12-$0.15 per liter. A gradual increase in prices is expected in following monthes.



The price of butter in May has grown. Butter with a fat content of 72.5% is sold for export at a price of $3100-$3300 per ton. Butter with a fat content of more than 82% is sold in some cases for more than $4000 per ton. World butter prices continue to rise. Ukrainian prices, although rising, but still much lower than in the world. Exports grew more than production.



In May, casein production reached about 1000 tons. Our production increased by 48% compared to April month. The price has risen by $1000 per ton. At the end of May, the average price for Ukrainian casein was $5700-$5900 per tonne, which is 45% higher than in May 2016.

Our production
in April
186 ton
108 ton
81 ton


Our forecast

In June, butter and casein production will increase, as the volume of raw milk will increase. Ukrainian price will also increase as the price increases on the international market. The expected price for casein is more than $6000 per ton, and butter is more than $4000 per ton


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Brief May (pdf)

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