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March 2019

Radyvylivmoloko brief market review.
Trends in the dairy market in Ukraine.

General Information

There were no significant changes in the milk market in Ukraine in March. The raw milk
amount increased somewhat in March. The analog cheese export to Belarus (by Russian Federation) has been banned again for Ukrainian producers. It seems that this time the ban is much more serious.


Raw milk - trends

In March, the raw milk price should have been reduced, but this was not significant. This year is unlikely to significantly reduce the raw milk price. There are several reasons for this: the raw milk amount will be smaller; producers of whole-milk products will not try to lower the price; experts promise higher export prices this year.



Prices for Ukrainian butter did not increase in March. For African countries, some producers sold butter for 3850 USD per ton. An important role in African market development played cheap Indian butter. Ukrainian butter with a fat content of 82% was sold on average 3800-4300 USD per ton. Ukrainian butter with a fat content of 72.5% was sold on average 3650-3800 USD per ton.



Although winter has ended, the casein market is not active yet. Traders and importers are ready to pay for the Ukrainian casein 5600 USD per ton. But due the fact that demand is very small, Ukrainian producers value their casein 5800 USD per ton.


Our production
in March

Butter — 101;

Casein — 12;

Cheese — 72


Our forecast for April

In April, will expect increase the raw milk volume. Ukrainian dairy producers will try to
reduce the price. There are no prerequisites for butter export market increase, the price is likely to remain at the same level as in March. In April, Easter fast will begin in Ukraine.
So, the dairy products consumption in Ukraine will decrease. The casein market will be
more active. Smaller producers will begin to produce casein and contract the first trucks.


Brief March (pdf)


This information booklet is intended only for customers and partners of Radyvylivmoloko LLC. Not for public or commercial use. All the information, mentioned here should be considered only as and opinion of Radyvylivmoloko staff.


Exchange rate
Exchange rate change, 1,8%
Fluctuation rate, 3,8%


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