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February 2018

Radyvylivmoloko brief market review.
Trends in the dairy market in Ukraine.

General Information

After a calm January, in February the Ukrainian dairy market intensified. In February, fresh dairy products were sold to a greater extent. Milk producers continue to expect state support in 2018. Dairy products exports in February intensified compared to January.


Raw milk - trends

In February, raw milk price decreased. In general, the price of raw milk has fallen by 10%. On average, raw milk price reached 0,34 USD / Kg.



Butter was the basis of the export in February. Butter with a fat content of 72.5% is exported for 3700 US dollars per ton. Butter with a fat content of 82% is sold on average 4300-4400 dollars per ton. Most popular export direction for butter was African countries.



The casein season in Ukraine has not yet begun. But in February 171 tons of casein was produce. The price for Ukrainian casein in February was 5300 USD per ton.


Our production
in February
55,5 ton
did not produce
35,5 ton

Exchange rate
Exchange rate change, -3,8%
Fluctuation rate, 4,1%


Our forecast for March

March is the beginning of a season for raw milk, casein and butter. The main factor on the market is raw milk intake increase. Usually it decreases its price and a price for final products. But, this year we see exchange rate decline which forces suppliers to keep or rise prices.
Traders will try to lower the price, but they are unlikely to succeed as always. The final role on the market would be the world butter price. We think that March 2018 will not be as usual as always. The production will start to rise but prices are unlikely to get low. Anyway, March is only a beginning of the season. April will be more informative
and precise.



Brief February (pdf)


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