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Butter annual report 2017

Butter annual report 2017

Radyvylivmoloko LLC, Ukraine


Global market, especially Butter prices were favorable for sales expansion in 2017. 553.8 tons of butter was exported in 2017. It is 511.8 tons more, compared to 2016.

Our main export countries were Morocco and Azerbaijan. We sold over 40% of our butter to these countries. In 2017 we got 2% of Ukrainian export butter market.

2017 was actually the first year in butter exports. We have improved the packaging quality. Began to export butter in retail packing 5kg and 200g.  



At the end of the year, the price began to decrease. In our opinion, this meant stabilizing prices.

2018 forecast

We plan to sell butter in 2018 by 25% more than in 2017, 700 tons. One of the main tasks in 2018 will be to improve the relationship with our customers and explore new countries. Many factors will form the butter price. Firstly, world butter price. In Ukraine, two main factors affect the butter price. Exchange rate is an important factor. The Ukrainian government has approved the 29 UAH per 1 USD for 2018. Also, on raw milk prices, which we should understand in late April. At the end of May, the price will slightly decrease. From the middle  summer, the butter price will start to rise again. The average price will be 4300-4600 USD/ton, if the main factors are stable.  


The report is prepared on Radyvylivmoloko LLC data and personal opinion of its’ employes. The report is a property of Radyvylivmoloko LLC. If mentioning the report, a link to it is a must.


Prepared by Ruslan Bednarskyi, A.One International sales manager.

February 2018





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